Winter Haven

A roaring fire burns as marshmallows swirl in your steaming hot chocolate. Snow-filled clouds loom in the sky, battling the sunshine outside on a perfect winter day. Your lover has stepped out for a few hours, so you have the house all to yourself. It’s a rare occasion, so you find yourself sauntering from room to room in your sweeping, soft silk robe, eventually turning on your Norah Jones playlist to fill the house with her sultry voice. Singing along to “I Wouldn’t Need You,” you remember that you’ve already surprised your love with sparkling black lingerie, but have been waiting to try on the other ensembles that arrived at your door yesterday. Ascending the stairs to your room, you pull open your lingerie drawer and gently lay each piece on the bed. Hmmm where to start…  

By now, the fluffy marshmallows have melted into pure sugar, but you still sip the hot chocolate slowly. Running your hands along soft silk, feeling the intricacies of lace, and admiring the details of embroidery, amazed by the exquisiteness of each piece. As you savor the luxurious lingerie, you can see the snow gently starting to fall just outside of your window. Filled with warmth from your hot chocolate, you slip out of your robe and into the set that catches your eye first – a dusty rose Parisian lace bodysuit with beautiful flutters of lace along the hips. You step in and pull the straps over your shoulders before tying the velvet bow. The feel of the piece on your body makes you sink into it, lying on the bed to see the fabric complement each curve, imagining your lover admiring you as your hands move from the curve of your breasts down towards your thighs.

A few moments of savoring the ultra feminine piece brings you to your next love – the soft blue lace bodysuit. As the stretch lace hugs your figure, you look out to watch flakes of snow fall to the tops of trees and blanket the sidewalk below. Mesmerized by its beauty, you don’t even realize that your lover has come home and is quietly watching the way you move in your ensemble – from the window to the bed, as you fantasize about running off to paradise with him. To go from a cozy winter haven to a sun-drenched island, with Norah’s smooth voice still playing in the background. Before you can picture yourself under the paradise of an outdoor shower, your lover ambles over to the bed and surprises you with a deep kiss…

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Beautiful vignette. I love the way you write…romantic, dreamy, rich content.

Richard Church March 11, 2020

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