Lingerie is a Love Letter

There’s nothing more romantic than a love letter. And now that the art of writing words of love and lust on paper has long been forgotten, modern women give and receive letters of love in new ways. Emails, texts, app messages. But, the ultimate love letter is one that involves no words at all.


It sings to your body in a thousand silent ways, showing you that each curve is a work of art, worshipping your figure in its entirety. As beautiful as the smooth lines of cursive, as light as the lines that connect each character. Lingerie reminds you that the human body, and the female body in particular, is to be savored. Enveloping your frame, writing “there’s no one else like you” in scribbles of lace, the luxury fabric being the finest paper imaginable, the scent of roses wafting from your skin.

The love affair when you receive a new piece of lingerie is especially intoxicating. It’s like the passion that exists when two strangers first come together… an all-encompassing love that you just can’t get enough of. How did I go so long without you? you wonder. Getting swept away by its beauty, you remember what it’s like to be lost in love. You find yourself admiring the piece from all angles, both on and off your body. In awe of its silhouette, blown away by each exquisite detail.

And when it’s time to revisit a piece that has been nestled in your drawer, it’s like rekindling a love that once drove you wild. The feel of lace on your body brings back memories of lust and thinking of the creases in silk as folds of a letter, you dance to the song that it sings to you, indulging in its timeless luxury. Whether it was a day or a month that passed, you missed the way you felt in lingerie so much, that you swear you’ll never let any amount of time go by without that sensation again. 

Lingerie is a love letter. Which pieces capture your heart?

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Ernest Hemingway