Why We Love Ouvert Panties

There is just something so sexy about wearing crotchless panties. The thought of wearing open crotch underwear, or open crotch lingerie, secretly as you go through your day is a little naughty – making them even more exciting. For those who've never owned a pair of crotchless panties, then today is the day you need to buy a pair or two. Here are a few reasons to start wearing crotchless panties:

  • Crotchless panties help you embrace your sensuality and sexual prowess.
  • They're fun to wear underneath a skirt or dress on date night (and let your lover know at dinner).
  • If your sex life has hit a plateau, then a sexy pair of crotchless panties will ignite the passion.
  • Crotchless panties and lingerie look amazingly sexy on all body shapes and sizes.

When buying crotchless panties or open crotch lingerie, there is one thing you have to remember – they are not all the same. Some look just like standard panties, but with a subtle slit in the fabric, while others can be lined with velvet or pearls. Consider what will make you feel comfortable and sexy.

Bracli Pearl Thong

With our Bracli pearl thongs, they have a beautiful functionality to them. They allow for two types of stimulation - both for the woman alone, and for her partner during intimacy.

Coco de Mer Eugenia Open Thong | crotchless underwear

The Eugenia Open Thong is a best-selling crotchless panty due to the way it hugs a woman’s body comfortably while exuding sex appeal. The high-quality material and design let’s the modern woman wear this with pleasure and confidence over and over, with the proper care.

The Amber Ouvert Bodysuit is absolutely breathtaking, featuring both an open gusset and open bottom. The frill on the straps add a touch of femininity. Also available in white, which makes it perfect for your honeymoon as bridal lingerie, giving your new groom a drool-worthy surprise.

Discover more styles: shop crotchless lingerie

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