Date Night Idea: Your Muse

For the lingerie lovers out there, we don’t have to tell you that there’s an art to this whole thing. But, we sometimes hear, “I love lingerie and all, but it only stays on for 30 seconds.” Our response to that: you just haven’t learned how to enjoy it. We can be of assistance. Offering you a little nudge in the romance direction, we’ll provide you with ways to turn those 30 seconds into an entire evening of bliss. Just ideas, though. It’s up to you to make the magic happen.

Your Muse

It's just the two of you, and you notice how much of a work of art your lover truly is. Similar to our painting date idea, but moving it inside, adding lingerie, and setting up a much more sultry atmosphere.

Mood: Sensual 

Scene: Your bedroom or home studio, lightly decorated with rose petals and flickering candles.

Activity: Press play on your favorite playlist - the one that gets both of you excited. Have your lover pose for you or you sit across from one another and draw or paint on your canvas. Notice the soft lips, beautiful hair, and sumptuous skin. Illustrate this as best as you can in the form of visual art. Or if words are more powerful for you, write a poem. As you create your art, allow your lover to be your muse. Touch, kiss, caress to bring more inspiration to your work.

Lingerie: Something simple that shows off the body. We recommend the Laksmi Sheer Lingerie Set or the Adriana Lace Lingerie Set.

Luxury lingerie sets

Delights: To get your creative juices flowing, have a bottle of wine within your reach.

Materials: Beautiful canvas, an easel, and more art supplies for painting. No need to be a professional. It's just you and your partner, creating art together.


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