Hemp Seed Oil: Pleasure for Women

For women who are interested in achieving more intense orgasms, premium grade stimulating oils and gels will help you reach new orgasmic heights. The recent surge of popularity in CBD and hemp, has introduced an impressive line of products to enhance a woman’s climatic moment. These stimulating gels and oils are carefully infused with the right amount of premium grade hemp seed oil to increase arousal and pleasure. These new sensual wellness products are all-natural, making them safe to use on intimate areas. HighOnLove™ products will help you reach a deeper intensity of love like nothing you’ve experienced before.

Who should try these hemp seed oil-infused stimulating products?

  • Women who want to experience more intense orgasms.
  • Women who have a hard time climaxing.
  • Women who are interested in natural products.
  • Women of all ages who want to boost arousal.
  • Women who are curious about the latest feminine products.

How does hemp seed oil enhance sexual pleasure?

  • Helps stimulate blood flow to the clitoral area, making it extra sensitive to the touch.
  • Promotes the production of natural lubricants.
  • Plus, antioxidants in the oil help protect the skin, while anti-inflammatory properties help soothe the skin.

How much do I use?

  • A little goes a long way, so a bottle will last you through several solo experiences, as well as sex with your partner.
  • Just add a couple pumps to your fingers and lightly massage into your clitoral area, then experience the intense, gratifying, heart-pounding sensations flow through your body.

Where do I buy these orgasm-enhancing products?

You can choose from HighOnLove™  Stimulating Orgasm Gel or Stimulating Orgasm Oil based on your personal preference, or try both!


New Products for Female Orgasms       


Trying something new to increase your sexual pleasure is not only beneficial for your relationship, but also for your health. Studies show that a healthy, satisfying sex life is good for your physical, emotional, and overall well-being. Shop our sensual wellness collection, and let us know if you need any guidance. 

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