Romantic proposal ideas at home: Ways to pop the question to your partner

Congratulations! If you’re reading this, you’re likely searching for romantic proposal ideas at home, ready to pop the question to your love. Maybe pre-Covid, before so many of our plans went out the window, you were thinking of a big romantic proposal in the public eye - or maybe that’s never been you and your other half’s style. Either way, an at-home proposal doesn’t have to be anything less than beautiful, intimate, romantic and forever memorable.

We’ve put together a list of romantic proposal ideas that are incredibly special and thoughtful ways to ask the love of your life to marry you at home - and will make them want to say an enthusiastic yes all that much more.

Signs it’s time to propose

Before we dive into some romantic suggestions for an at-home engagement, it’s important to make sure you feel ready to ask this big question, and you know your partner feels ready to answer it. Traditionally, it’s always been that the “man asks the woman” to marry him - we’ve never believed in tradition. Whatever your sexuality, your gender identity, and your relationship dynamic, a proposal doesn’t have to be done in any specific way. You can propose however you like, you don’t need to be tied down by traditional gender roles - ultimately, it’s about you and your partner, and your relationship doesn’t have to make sense to anyone but you and them.

We want to empower and encourage women to feel confident in proposing to their partner. If you’re asking yourself the question “should I propose”, then it’s likely you’re in the right place in your relationship for this conversation. We’ve put together a quick checklist to help you identify if you feel confident that now is the time to propose:

  • Your partner is an integral part of your life. You talk to them about big decisions, conflicts in your life, and dreams and ambitions you have.
  • You’re never afraid to share anything with them. You’re completely secure in your relationship, you trust them fully, and you’re not afraid to be yourself around them - especially when you’re not your prettiest, happiest version!
  • You’ve talked about future plans with them. You both are on the same page or at least comfortable with each other's feelings and beliefs towards bigger topics, like children, marriage, work, family, religion, and more.
  • You can see your life with them. Forever doesn’t scare you - in fact, it excites you.
  • Your partner is your biggest supporter and you are theirs. You’re the cheerleader for each other’s lives.

Answered yes or resonate with all of the above? Then you’re ready for this, and we couldn’t be more excited for you.

Breakfast in bed

If your partner is a fan of freshly brewed coffee, warm croissants, fresh squeezed orange juice, and a bowl of delicious berries, then giving them the breakfast in bed that they’ll never forget might just be the perfect at home proposal. There is nothing more thoughtful than waking someone up to a moment of luxury in their own home. 

We’d suggest something creative that your partner will love, like hiding the engagement ring under the breakfast pastry, or popping the question after they’ve finished their coffee and they’re feeling treated and truly loved!

Candlelit dinner

You don’t have to go out for dinner to have a romantic candlelit feast. Whether you order delivery from your favorite restaurant and lay it out in a gorgeous candlelit picnic on the floor, or you create a tasting menu yourself in your kitchen, your partner will love this thoughtful proposal. Taking the time to create a special at-home restaurant experience is a beautiful way to share this proposal with your love.

Since you’re at home, there’s nothing to stop you from creating a sensual proposal experience, draping you or your love in one of our Robes & Kimonos for a truly romantic proposal at home.

Throw a party

Surprise your partner with a party - whether you invite guests or not is up to you! You can host it on a date that’s already special to you, like your first date or the day you first met, or you can choose a completely random date in the calendar that will become newly special to you for years to come! 

Create an array of canapés, party decor, glitter, lights, a cocktail bar - and then, when you’re ready, pop the champagne and propose in the atmosphere of your at-home party.

Recreate a special moment for your relationship

The first time you met you went for Thai food? Why not order takeout from a Thai restaurant, and adorn your home in some memorabilia from that first date. The holiday of your dreams together was spent in Italy? Again, create a theme of that experience right in your living room, with the music that takes you back to that trip and the scents that will transport you. If it’s special to you both, then it will make for a special proposal.

Romantic treasure hunt

Are you and your partner into games? Then perhaps a romantic treasure hunt is right for you! Create a map or a series of clues for your loved one to follow - you can start with a sticky note on the hallway mirror, or a clue under their pillow. Maybe even drop them a text to start them off, and finally they’ll discover you, knelt on one knee, ready to pop the question.

Keep it simple

Ultimately, maybe none of these proposal ideas at home are quite your style. Maybe all you need to do is let fate decide. Wait for the moment when your heart sings - you could be cooking dinner together, or watching a movie, and then and there is the perfect moment to pull that ring out of your pocket and ask your partner to spend the rest of your lives together. However you do it will be truly special, so let your heart guide you in your at home proposal.

The finishing touches


Once you’ve decided how you’d like to propose to your partner, you can complete the idea with an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry if selecting an engagement ring together after the proposal is how you’d like to go.


However you choose to propose to your partner will be a magical, memorable experience because of the love, effort and thought that you’ve put into this moment. We’re wishing you all the best with your at home engagement. May it be one to treasure forever.


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