The power of lingerie: sexual liberation and our favorite pieces

Lingerie sits close to our hearts here at Anya Lust. We know all too well the power of lingerie, the confidence it can bring you in the most intimate moments. Lingerie is a tool for sexual empowerment, and a way to further connect with your body, your mind, and your sexual energy. The evolution of lingerie is a complex one, with a history shrouded in both shame and empowerment, of sexual liberation and sexual servitude - now, we invite you to take the power of lingerie into your hands. Use it for yourself and no one else.

In this post, we will walk you through stories of empowerment from lingerie influencers and some favorite styles and pieces of lingerie to take you into true sexual liberation as you bring out your empowered inner goddess.

Discovering the world of lingerie

“I love to go lingerie shopping with my friends as most of them don't allow themselves to try certain styles or just don't always feel comfortable entering a lingerie store. It's always amazing to turn the experience into a fun, stress-free adventure to discover what they like and what they feel comfortable wearing... I love to see their smiles and excitement when they feel like the goddesses they really always were.” - Wen, @comicsgirlsneedbras

Wen is an influencer documenting the world of lingerie through the blog Comics Girls Need Bras, which she has been running for the past 6 years. A model, creative director, photographer, and blogger, Wen is an icon in the lingerie world, sharing beautiful visual stories and personal advice. 

Wen has loved lingerie since she was 16, after she  “discovered the brand Aubade and its very beautiful photography. Lingerie has been a bit of an obsession ever since.” Comics Girls Need Bras came about after Wen moved from her home in France to Canada. “In Canada, everything seemed a bit more complicated and pricey so when I finally familiarized myself with lingerie shopping there, I decided to document my experience to help other people.”

The community around lingerie

For too long, what we’ve worn under our clothes has been seen to be embarrassing, or something to keep secret, but now the community of lingerie lovers has found its feet and ventured into the social world.

“I fell in love with the community on Instagram and decided I wanted to give back and help others build their collection so it seemed natural to blog about my own collection and experiences.” - Ashlee, @kissesfromthemoonx

Ashlee describes herself as a “floral obsessed lingerie blogger from Sydney”, who is as equally passionate about lingerie as us and shares her advice on her blog, Pretty Dainty Underthings. She’s a bra fitter by trade, blessed to have a lingerie gang that she spends her free time hanging out with.

“My last trip to Paris was a full-blown lingerie adventure. I visited so many boutiques, went to the trade show and met some lovely new people in the community. I never thought an addiction to lingerie would connect me with so many special people and places around the world.” - Ashlee

Wen too found that so many other women connected to her journey. “I had struggled a lot with body image and feeling unwanted by the fashion industry for having bigger breasts than average for my body type. It turned out, I have a very common body type and size and lots of women felt just the way I did.”

Reclaiming your power

“I always loved lingerie and took photos occasionally but after I was in a very toxic and abusive relationship I really used lingerie to catapult me back to personal strength and allow me to reclaim a sense of myself that I had previously lost. That eventually settled into the creative blog I have now.” - Cassie, @thelingerieraven

Cassie is a lingerie blogger and model whose beautiful account brings joy to so many and her reviews offer so much useful advice to her followers. Her blog, The Lingerie Raven, is a review and advice filled empowering space for readers. As Cassie says, “Empowerment comes in many forms both strong and gentle.” Lingerie can truly be an important symbol and tool in healing, “One of my most important pieces in my collection on an emotional level is my waspie from Moody Corsetry in her Kintsugi style to match my Angela Friedman Louisa set. It is symbolic of my healing journey from my previous relationship.”

Reclaiming your power is something we can all do, but knowing where to start can be challenging. We believe changing your outsides can help change your insides, – as much as the other way around – by embracing indulgent lingerie, jewelry and wellness products to open up the door to your sensual inner world. Try a luxury bath soak or beauty oil when you spend time with yourself, prioritising your energy and time. Or treat yourself to jewelry to wear just for you, wrapped in a goddess robe from our collection during a self-care moment

Finding lingerie for you

We asked Wen, Ashlee and Cassie what kind of lingerie makes them feel like a goddess, and what they look for when seeking out different lingerie pieces.

Wen told us; “I adore an extravagant silk robe. I recently bought a custom red silk velvet robe and I feel that it will be a family heirloom.” She added that fabric is important to her when picking out lingerie. “I love silk charmeuse or breathable soft fabrics.”

Ashlee told us she’s a sucker for anything dainty and romantic; “If it’s got bows I want it!”

Cassie shared that for her, “Being a sensual goddess can be an embodiment of both practicality and beauty or one or the other. I choose things based on what I want from a lingerie set or occasion… It is also important to choose things you know you like. I adore wearing suspenders so I know most of my collection will always have a suspender belt and stocking combinations.”

Cassie and Wen agreed that they love basques and corsets for specific reasons. Wen said, “I also enjoy an accentuated silhouette every now and then, so basques and corsets make me feel like I run the world.”

Lingerie goddesses: Our lingerie recommendations

We have a wide range of lingerie to suit all sorts of styles, desires, fantasies and tastes. For just a few to tap into your inner goddess, we’ve featured some of our favorites. There are however hundreds more on our website. 

Sensual silk

  1. Isabelle Ivory Robe by Kafemme: “This romantic robe is the perfect bridal lingerie for wedding nights and honeymoons.”
  2. Gabrielle Robe by Kafemme: “With a polished, theatrical silhouette, the Gabrielle Robe beguiles in a beautiful emerald green silk and satin blend with dramatic black French lace.”
  3. Ondina Silk Robe by Sofia Luzon: “This luxurious silk robe cascades onto the skin with beautiful light blue silk, dreamy chiffon, and romantic lace.”

Matching sets

  1. Venus Lingerie Set by LA Musa: “Inspired by the painting of Sandro Botticelli, this gorgeous luxury lingerie set portrays the goddess of love and beauty arriving on Earth.”
  2. Eros Bandeau Bralette and Chaos High-Waisted Panty by Sofia Luzon: “Romantic Chantilly lace gets a seductive edge with strappy details and black satin.”
  3. Kyoto Sheer Bra by Bracli: “A classic combination of erotic elegance in a modern luxury lingerie silhouette.”

Breathtaking corsets

  1. Sunlight Corset by LA Musa: “Spend the day in your garden, lounging in the Sunlight Corset with a glass of something sparkly.”
  2. Venus Underbust Corset by LA Musa: “Inspired by the painting of Sandro Botticelli, this gorgeous underbust corset portrays the goddess of love and beauty arriving on Earth.”
  3. Mercy Corset by Agent Provocateur: “This gorgeous lace corset is perfect for a sexy night.”

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