24 Love Quotes to Rekindle the Flame

Here are 24 quotes to inspire the rekindling of love and passion in your relationship:

“A sexy lingerie set isn’t a necessity, but it enhances the overall package. Just like you would rather give a birthday gift wrapped with a bow. It’s the act of seeing, unwrapping, and enjoying that shifts the experience.”

“Women aren’t the only ones who want to be lusted after. Men also want to feel desired and be seduced.”

“If you don’t work to maintain the passion in your relationship - someone else will.”

“The key to wearing lingerie is to believe you are the sexiest, most beautiful woman on earth. That you are a goddess and you will use your feminine powers to benefit you and your partner.”

“Sometimes the flames never went out, you just needed to feed the fire in order to raise the heat.”

“Your love life should not feel ordinary. Your love life should always be extraordinary.”

“Explore each other’s bodies. Enjoy each other’s bodies. Every day in every way.”

“The foundation of a long-lasting relationship is: friendship, loyalty, communication, respect, and beautiful sex.”

“You can’t have sexual passion in a relationship if one partner or both partners can't be vulnerable. Relax, release any fears, and indulge in pleasure.”

“Never go to bed angry and never go too long without both of you reaching a climax.”

“A passionate relationship requires creativity and the appreciation for each other’s likes and wants.”

“If you want to have passion in your relationship you must see the paradise in each other.”

“Passion doesn’t just happen. Passion has to be recreated and rediscovered every time.”

“Don’t walk away from a love you can’t walk through life without.”

“To rekindle a love is the art of gratitude and gratification.”

“Rekindled love proves that true love never dies.”

“Wear the lingerie. Tease him. Seduce him. Make his wildest fantasies come true.”

“When two people separate but find themselves back in each other’s arms, that is because they've found their way back home.”

“The only way passion runs out in a relationship is if it is not made a priority.”

“If you want to rekindle your love, then you must show it through actions not just through words.”

“Sexual ecstasy is like traveling to heaven on earth and never wanting to leave.”

“The reason people choose to rekindle love is because they realize that their connection is stronger than what they had with others. There will always be the one love that stands out from the rest. Don’t let that one go.”

“When it comes to passion there is no such thing as gender roles. Sometimes you can be submissive and sometimes you can take charge. There is nothing wrong with exploring both sides of your sensuality.”

“If you want a strong, passionate, and loving relationship be prepared to do the work. If the relationship is what you really want then it’s worth every bit of effort.”

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