Date Idea: Romantic Picnic

The sun is shining, love is blooming, and romance fills the air. Set up a gorgeous garden picnic for you and your partner to enjoy the beauty of this season. Although you are able to head to a park and practice social distancing, we recommend that you try this date idea in your own backyard or garden. You'll have the freedom to relax and enjoy each and every bite with your partner. Just a few tips to make this romantic date idea even better:

1. Create a romantic scene.

This is one of the most romantic daytime date ideas there are, so treat it as such. Choose your favorite area in your backyard and drape a cozy picnic blanket on the ground. Bring out your special wine glasses and small plates using this heart-shaped picnic basket from Amazon! Dress beautifully for the occasion. Every special touch will make this summer date idea even more magical.

picnic date idea

2. Set up a plate of delicious aphrodisiacs.

Mmmm figs, avocado, dark chocolate. We’re swooning as we imagine your delicious spread. You can use a serving plate or a beautiful cheese board to lay out the food for you and your lover. You can also choose to skip the silverware if you want to feed each other for heightened desire.

romantic picnic

3. Don't forget the music.

Music always sets the mood. Set up a small outdoor speaker and connect to your phone to listen to whatever songs you feel will fit your picnic date. You might enjoy our playlists on Soundcloud, which feature sultry voices and sensual sounds. This one we made just for sipping wine under the sun: Summer Playlist. Feel free to get up and dance to the music.


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