Romantic Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas 2021

Spending time with your loved one at home can be a fantastic way to relax, reconnect, and celebrate your relationship. With a bit of creativity and some forethought, you can experience a dreamy Valentine’s Day date night without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Because Valentine’s Day in 2021 is certainly different than what we’re used to, the old playbook of date ideas may no longer apply. With quarantine regulations and stay-at-home orders, many couples can no longer dine at fine restaurants or snuggle up in a dimly lit theatre. Although it may not be the way you and your loved one typically celebrate the occasion, there are several ways you can still enjoy Valentine’s Day together.  

We’ve curated a list of unique date ideas that will help you connect, celebrate, and find romance at home.  

A romantic living room picnic. 

With fewer distractions and nowhere to be, you can effortlessly focus your attention on one another. Creating an ambient scene with candles, pillows (like these lush velvet pillows from Amazon), linens, silverware, and flowers will help set the stage for your living room date night. If you have a large coffee table, drape a pressed linen over the top and adorn it will candles and flower petals. Set up cushions and throw blankets to sit on. If you have a wine bucket, chill champagne and place glasses on the table. Dim the lights, light your candles, and put on a romantic playlist. Share plates, finger foods, and charcuterie are easy to prepare and can provide all the romantic vibes.

romantic picnic at home

Have an at-home spa night. 

Couples massages, facials, champagne, and chocolate strawberries - the beloved features of a romantic spa getaway. You can recreate the relaxing and romantic atmosphere with robes, slippers, massage oil, and face masks. Take turns giving each other a massage or applying nourishing face and body masks. With spa music softly playing in the background, and a few mood-setting candles, you will feel like you are at the spa while enjoying the added perk of total privacy. Add a sensual oil for the perfect end to the night.

Sip cocktails at the kitchen bar. 

Dressing up and standing in a crowded bar with loud music and over-priced cocktails now seems like a fond, distant memory. When staying at home with no place to go, we often opt for loungewear over tight dresses and choose slippers over heels. This Valentine’s Day, stock up on the ingredients to make your favorite drink of choice, dress up in your favorite dress and heels and turn up the music. Create your favorite signature drinks at home by using this cocktail shaker set from Amazon: Boston Shaker Set. With cocktails in the kitchen, there is no last call, and you are free to see where the evening takes you – perhaps impromptu dancing in the living room or a trip to the bedroom. It’s all up to you!

Watch classic romance films.

Gone with the Wind, Desire, To Catch a Thief… these classic films are some of the most romantic movies ever made. Set up a comfy bed with plush pillows and blankets where you can lay back, snuggle up, and watch some classic romance films together. Popcorn goes very well with a French Chardonnay or medium-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon! Add some chocolate, strawberries, and a few candles, and relish in the cozy atmosphere with your loved one.

movie night at home

Enjoy a game night. 

When was the last time you and your partner played a game? We’re often so consumed with our day-to-day responsibilities, news, and the constant buzz of our phones we rarely stop and play. You can find plenty of board games like Scrabble, Monopoly, Jenga, and Twister on Amazon. They're easy to play as you talk, sip wine, and snack on your favorite treats. If you are feeling extra creative, write 100 soul-searching and seductive questions on individual pieces of paper. Put these in a jar and take turns drawing a question and answering. This will spark a new level of connection and intimacy.

In many ways, this Valentine's Day will allow for more romance and intimacy. With no more effort than you’d put into securing a reservation at the hottest restaurant in your city, you can experience a Valentine’s Day you will always remember. 


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