How to be confident in bed with lingerie

Sometimes, feeling sexy and confident doesn’t come easily. Perhaps when undressing with your love, you find yourself feeling a little uncomfortable. A little less than sexy. Or maybe, just underwhelmed. We’re here to help you learn how to be confident in bed with the tools of luxury lingerie, a few self-love exercises, and mindset resetting.

Your mind is your sexiest asset

It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, your mindset is your sexiest asset. Learning to be confident when stripping down is really about your mindset. Confidence, positivity, passion and excitement come from within first. Learning to love the skin you’re in will give you the confidence to embrace your sexy side, to bring out your confidence in the bedroom.

Sexual confidence is fluid

Some days we wake up and we feel gorgeous. Everything goes right. You start off loving your hair, your skin seems to glow, you find the right outfit on the first try, and you leave the house feeling full of energy - the best version of yourself. Some days, things don’t roll your way. You spill coffee on your new shirt, you get to work late even when you leave on time, and you feel deflated when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. 

Sexual confidence comes in ebbs and flows. But like self-confidence, we can work at it. Knowing the things that make you feel confident - an outfit you love, starting the day right with a deliciously warming tea and a breakfast that fills you with energy - knowing the things that deflate you can help boost your confidence. Sexual confidence needs the same boosts. We believe the right lingerie can be the boost you need, so that when you look in the mirror you feel like the powerful, sexy goddess you are and deserve to feel like.

Set the mood

Creating the right environment is a huge part of feeling more confident in bed. Spend some time alone getting in touch with your sexual, confident side in your own bedroom. Treat yourself to gorgeous flowers, dim the lights, light candles, put on a lingerie set you love, find a playlist to set the mood and enjoy some alone time with yourself. We have a selection of toys to help you find your own pleasure.

Admire yourself without anyone around. Try on lingerie that makes you feel magical, that you can look at in the mirror and fall in love with every curve, every freckle, every mole that kisses your skin. Absolutely fall in love with yourself. Experimentation, fantasy and sensual alone time can help you to find your confidence with yourself, making it easier to embrace that confidence with another.

Let lingerie guide you

Lingerie is your friend and supporter when it comes to guiding you through how to be confident in bed. The right fit, a gorgeous luxury lingerie set to help you feel your very best, a bra to support and boost you or a barely-there bondage set that instantly turns you on. Not every lingerie wearer is the same - we don’t all like the same clothes, just as we don’t all like the same lingerie. Different things suit us, and different looks awaken our different sexual sides. 

Finding the pieces that help you to step into the confident, glowing goddess that you are so you can inspire yourself and your love. The goddess who absolutely loves herself, who looks in the mirror and falls head over heels for the powerful woman who stands there. Lingerie should make you feel like the most confident version of yourself. Being confident in bed should be all that much easier with the right lingerie that makes you feel bold, daring, and sensual. Lingerie is an opportunity for self confidence, for showing your partner a side of yourself so personal and beautiful. We invite you into that world.

We’ve put together a list of different lingerie looks to help you find the right piece to awaken your inner sexual goddess. 

Lingerie for the poetic goddesses

  1. Chaos High-Waisted Panty and Eros Bandeau Bra by Sofia Luzon. “Romantic Chantilly lace gets a seductive edge with strappy details and black satin.
  2. Flora Bodysuit by Studio Pia. “Flora’s botanical embroidery is an immersive love letter to mother nature. Slip inside and feel her power.
  3. Gawa Curvy Lace Set by Entos. “An elevated approach to the classic bralette and panty set, this beautiful ensemble combines romantic French lace, delicately framed in soft velvet.

Lingerie for the romantic goddesses

  1. Skylar Bodysuit with Garter Belt by Lazy Girl Lingerie. “Drawing inspiration from the art of burlesque, Skylar is a statement-worthy piece for the lingerie connoisseur.
  2. Geneva Pearl Panty and Lace Bra by Bracli. “Italian lace frames the body beautifully, while a single strand of pearls provides sensual pleasure for the woman.
  3. Cerelia Balconette Bra and Strap Thong. “Cerelia’s lush green silk injects the freshness of the new season, with styles sure to evoke envy.
  4. Senpai Curvy Lingerie Set by Entos. “A beautiful sheer mesh with flirtatious touches, the Senpai Curvy Lingerie Set is both versatile and sexy.

Lingerie for the bold goddesses

  1. Barbara Bondage Set by Colette & Sebastian. “The eye-catching Barbara Bondage Lingerie Set is designed to play with the curves of a woman's body.
  2. Montana Leather Thong and Soft Cup Bra by Something Wicked. “Finished with bold elastic details, this thong is bold, yet simple with its eye-catching, modern design.
  3. Antastasia Bondage Garter Belt by Colette & Sebastian. “The most seductive garter belt in your lingerie drawer, the Anastasia Bondage Garter Belt features multiple adjustable straps that bind your waist and hips in the most seductive way.
  4. Amber Ouvert Plus Size Bodysuit by Oh La La Cheri. “Lace frames the body while certain areas are left open and perfectly on display.”

May our lingerie fill you with confidence in bed, may it tease you and your love throughout the day, may it open up new worlds of romance to you. Be unafraid to embrace this version of yourself. We all deserve to be romanticized, so let our lingerie help you to romanticize your life.


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