"...And with you I become again"

We love the way that Pablo Neruda’s words string together to form the most magical poetry. With a lot of writers, it’s easy to separate that one defining line that just melts your heart. They’re often turned into popular quotes that you see again and again. But with Neruda, each piece of his work is an enchanting story that’s so difficult to dissect. The words come together to form a powerful tale of love and sensuality in a way that needs to stay bound together, never broken apart, and shared all at once. We gave it a shot, though. Because even just snippets of Neruda is enough to make us swoon. These are our top three favorite excerpts from the book (besides the one in our product description, of course):



“in love you have loosened yourself like sea water:
I can scarcely measure the sky’s most spacious eyes
and I lean down to your mouth to kiss the earth.”


“from your bare breast
open with its twin domes
toward the sea, toward the wind of the island,
and how I in your dreams sailed
free, in the sea and in the wind”


“My wild girl, we have had
to regain time
and march backward, in the distance
of our lives, kiss after kiss,
gathering from one place what we gave
without joy, discovering in another
the secret road
that gradually brought your feet close to mine”

This little book is perfect to include alongside a lingerie gift for Valentine’s Day: Love Poems by Pablo Neruda

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Especially liked the line
“to regain time
and march backward, in the distance
of our lives, kiss after kiss,”

Richard Church March 11, 2020

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