Impromptu Escape - Part 1

“Pack your bags, my love.”

You’ve woken up to the sun peeking through your window, and a scented note on the pillow next to you where you normally see his handsome face. Since his kisses didn’t wake you up this morning, you’ve slept in until noon. It’s a Friday and the start of a long weekend, so you welcome the late rising. Curious to where your lover has gone, you check your phone – no texts – and then roll out of bed to see if there are any other clues lying around.

There’s a mysterious box sitting on your marble coffee table, open, with a note inside: “Don’t forget this,” it reads. Hmm… What does he have up his sleeve? You wonder. Sifting through the black tissue paper, you discover a lavender bow with anya lust across the satin. After untying it in anticipation, you pull out the most beautiful lingerie you’ve ever laid eyes on. A sparkling black bodysuit adorned in sequins and pretty details. In awe, you lay the bodysuit on your pink velvet accent chair, taking a moment to just appreciate its beauty from a distance. Then you notice something else in the box – a gorgeous pair of black and gold fur handcuffs. That alone lets you know exactly what he has in mind.

Not sure where to begin, you think of texting him to ask where he’s hiding. But instead, you decide to follow his instructions to pack. But, what should I be prepared for…?

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Ernest Hemingway