Impromptu Escape - Part 2

It’s summer, and you can’t imagine him taking you anywhere other than the beach. You decide to roam the house for any other clues before pulling out your weekend travel bag. The note in the bathroom reads: “yes honey, the beach.” He knows you too well. Thrilled by the thought of lounging in a cabana with the sound of ocean waves at a short distance, the sun warming the salty air, premium frozen margaritas on call, and your love lying by your side, you do a little dance in front of the mirror before quickly making your way back to the bedroom.

You have no idea when you should be ready, but that’s just another element to add to the excitement. You get your weekend bag from the closet, taking out the few lingering items from your last trip, and set it at the foot of your bed. After selecting your favorite flowy dresses and pretty blouses, you head over to your secret lingerie drawer. It has a little lock on it and your lover is completely unaware of what’s inside. The new sparkling bodysuit is perfect, but you also want to bring something that he isn’t expecting. You discovered an Anya Lust treasure just last week, and have yet to surprise him with the one thing that drives him crazy – a sultry red outfit with a garter belt and stockings. A few more things get tossed into the bag to finish up your packing, then you slip into a floral sundress and wonder what’s next. You check your phone again – just a few messages from friends, but nothing from him. Hmmm.

Just a couple of minutes pass before the doorbell rings. Not sure what to expect, you answer the door to see him standing there with a bouquet of pink peonies.

“Are you ready?” he asks with a sly smile.

“Yes!” you could literally burst with excitement.

He comes in to grab your bag, and whispers in your ear: “We have a villa at Kamalame Cay.”

Your heart melts before you whisper in response, “you’re amazing.”

And the adventure begins.

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