Sultry Summer: The Story

After long, rainy spring days, the sun finally decided to come out on its own for the first day of summer. You’ve already woken up in an ultra plush queen bed, wearing your luxurious silk slip. But, you’re longing for something more seductive to be wrapped around your body in order to match the heat outside. Walking from room to room, you open the curtains on every window to let the sun barrel in, pausing at the last window to allow the warmth to reach your skin. You’re fully aware that the city has come alive outside of your window, and you can picture the parks full of picnic blankets and smiling faces. But, you choose to welcome the new season in private. Heading back to your room to pull out your new lingerie from Anya Lust. After untying the bow to reveal what you ordered, you gush over the glittering pink lace, rich red satin, stunning blue lace, pretty white bows, soft leather, and sheer black mesh. An array of gorgeous lingerie that you just have to slip into. Initially you were just looking for one special ensemble, but a few moments of indecision caused you to indulge in all the pretty things. 

You start with the one that initially took your breath away – the Natalia set. Hooking the bra in the back, slipping the satin thong over your hips, and attaching the garter belt to your sheer seam stockings, you confidently walk towards the mirror, fully aware before you lay eyes on your reflection that you look like a true bombshell. And you’re right. After a few spins and poses, you find it difficult to take Natalia off so you walk around your house, enjoying the feel, convinced that this outfit was made for you.

From Natalia, you try on Chloe, Juliette, Daphne, Luna, and La Femme. More and more amazed by each and every piece. Between outfit changes you play one of your favorite songs, Something by CYN, taking in the sultry sound as it bellows from your Bluetooth speaker. You slice a few pieces of fruit, dropping them into a glass of wine along with a few other delicious ingredients to make yourself a sangria before heading outside to the garden. The weather is gorgeous and the sun drenches your skin in warmth as you enjoy the outdoors in private.

After a morning of soaking in the summer, your best friend comes over with a chilled bottle of white wine, a pint of vanilla bean ice cream, and her own box of Anya Lust treasures to compare notes. You spend the rest of the day laughing and lounging, waiting for the cool, summer night to fall.

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Ernest Hemingway