How to Attach a Garter Belt | 6 Simple Steps

Although garter belts are not as popular as when they were a practical element of a woman's outfit, they are still an essential for every lingerie lover. Garter belts with thigh-high stockings are a great alternative to pantyhose and tights because once you learn how to properly wear them, you will find they are actually very comfortable, less restrictive, and much more sexy.

Garter belts are often worn as part of a lingerie set. You can pair them with patterned thigh-high stockings, fishnet stockings, or silk stockings, depending on the occasion and your mood. Garter belts are a great way to emphasize and accentuate a woman’s thighs, hips, and rear-end, while creating a curvier, elongated silhouette. If you want to wear a garter belt, but aren’t sure how to wear it, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. It is very important to order your garter belt and stockings in the correct size so there is no discomfort, pulling, tugging, or damages inflicted due to the wrong size. Size guides that help you select the proper size are always available on the product or online fitting room.
  2. Wrap the garter belt around your waist and fasten.
  3. Twist the garter belt around so the front of the belt is located in front of the body. The garter belt should sit on your natural waist, but can sit lower if you prefer.
  4. Adjust the garter straps so they hang about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way down the thigh. Loosen the strap near the adjustable divider piece and pull until the strap is at the correct length and the straps are all even in length.
  5. One at a time, slowly insert your foot into the stocking and gently pull up the leg, stopping at the upper thigh. Remember to handle the stockings with care, so you don’t accidentally create any tears with your nails or jewelry. 
  6. Then open the garter clasp hanging at the end of the garter strap. Push the back piece with the button up until it can slide out of the hook on the top piece. Insert the top of the stocking into the open garter clasp. Snap the garter clasp closed and push the bottom button down into the hook. Do this for all sides until both stockings are attached in the front and the back. Don’t hesitate to make any adjustments for your comfort.

Once you practice putting a garter belt and stockings on a few times, it will get easier and you will feel more comfortable and confident wearing them. The beautiful thing about garter belts are that you can wear them all day under your work clothes or with a sexy lingerie set in the bedroom. There are so many beautiful garter belts available to purchase, that you should have a few styles to choose from in your lingerie drawer.


@ANITATACO Yes, sometimes it can be a challenge to get them to stay! It is likely due to the thickness of the top of the stocking. You can consider a stocking that isn’t as thick on top. Similar to the design of the stockings pictured here: Let us know if that helps!

Anya Lust May 21, 2021

I was hoping to find a tip or trick for the button fastening to stocking aspect. I’ve worn garter belts on and off for 25 years and every belt I’ve had is so difficult to get the stocking to stay in and the button latch to stay fastened. Some have been easier than others and some downright impossible, but they’ve all been relatively the same in not wanting to fasten and stay that way.

AnitaTaco May 21, 2021

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