21 Ways to Get the Spark Back in a Relationship

If you want your relationship to work, don’t let the spark in your relationship fizzle out. Here are 21 things you and your partner can do to get the spark back in your current relationship:

  1. Schedule at least one date night every week.
  2. Have at least one hour of alone time together every day.
  3. Let your significant other know you are thinking about them through love notes or text messages.
  4. Go on a romantic getaway to a private tropical beach or country resort away from the noise.
  5. Cook a romantic, candle-lit dinner at home wearing only lingerie.
  6. Have more sex. Try new positions in different places.
  7. Communicate more by telling each other about your day and your desires.
  8. Workout together. Whether at a gym, home, or at a park, when you work out, endorphins rise.
  9. Take showers together before work or sit in a warm bath together right before bed.
  10. Surprise each other with sexy gifts such as new designer underwear or luxury lingerie.
  11. Show more affection towards each other through kisses and embraces.
  12. Give each other full body massages using massage oils or creams.
  13. Spice up your sex life by wearing a bondage style lingerie set for a sexy, seductive look.
  14. Slather your partner in edible body chocolate and whip cream for a delicious dessert.
  15. Watch an erotic movie together to increase your sexual drive and passion.
  16. Give your partner a private strip tease in the comfort of your bedroom.
  17. Go camping and have sex under the night stars.
  18. Instead of meeting for lunch during the work week, meet for a passionate sex session.
  19. Buy several pieces of sexy lingerie and model them for your partner.
  20. Roleplay by meeting at a bar and act like strangers, ready to have a one-night stand.
  21. Surprise your partner with rose petals on your bed and beautiful candles on your nightstand to arouse the senses.

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