Gift Guide for Her: Unique Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything

The best gifts are ones that are unique, thoughtful, and (we believe) always beautiful. We’ve collected ten gifts to impress your love, from wearable art to edible luxury - these unique gifts are perfect for the woman who has everything. Our gift guide for her is bursting with gorgeous, indulgent gifts to make her feel loved and appreciated. We promise, you’ll blow her away.

Finding the perfect present doesn’t have to be a struggle: We’ve done all the work for you.


Luxury lingerie and nightwear for your love

Primavera Lingerie Set

Dress your love in art with the Primavera Lingerie Set from La Musa, which was inspired by the painting of Sandro Botticelli, "Primavera" (late 1470s - early 1480s). This set is perfect to highlight your love’s exquisite grandeur, emphasizing her figure like the heavenly garden featured in this comfortable fabric.


Midnight Sky Wrap Dress

For the woman who falls in love with the light of the moon, this beautiful silk wrap dress from La Musa captivates the energy of the darkest hours of night. Delicate French satin creates a soft cloud-like feeling, truly draping your lover in the silkiest fabric and softest threads. When walking, the Midnight Sky Wrap Dress fills every space with rich color and romance. 


Cami Kimono

This satin kimono evokes the sophistication of the Geisha, the epitome of elegance. Drape your love in a beautiful blend of silk and satin - walking in this is like floating on water. This luxury satin robe, as modeled here by our wonderful customer J.G., will invite your love to embrace her inner goddess. Whether lounging at home or letting the kimono slip to the ground to reveal lingerie - or nothing else - this luxurious gift keeps on giving.


Foodie gifts for your love to indulge in

Private chef and lingerie

Is your love a foodie who enjoys trying new dishes she’s never had before? Then this is the perfect gift for her. Take a romantic trip to New York, and indulge in a private chef and lingerie experience hosted by us. We'll put together a sensual playlist, have you select a gorgeous meal, and leave you with lingerie of your choice to enjoy. Book here: Private Dining in New York. 

Dinner in the dark

Dinner in the dark events pop up throughout cities across the globe. You’re plunged into darkness and guided through a sensory experience, relying only on your taste and smell to enjoy the food, rather than how it looks as the focus. Perhaps instead of taking your love on such an event, you can create your own experience by blindfolding her and feeding her with different indulgent foods you’ve ordered in or created yourself. 

Romantic tasting menu

There is nothing more sumptuous than a tasting menu. It’s more art than dinner, with incredible small plates of experimental dishes - you can truly enjoy the finest food via a tasting menu. Many fine dining restaurants put on surprise tasting menus, the perfect added surprise for you both when you gift her with this foodie evening. Or, if eating out doesn’t excite her as much, create a thoughtful tasting menu of your own with a sensual twist by selecting a menu created from aphrodisiac foods. You can find a collection of delicious aphrodisiac recipes to fuel your imagination. 

Give the gift of relaxation with these goodies

Romantic Candle

The holidays inspire warming a room with a romantic flame and beautiful aromas. Give her the gift of the Understand Candle, which is part of the L.U.V. Collection in collaboration with WEtv's Marriage Boot Camp. Hand-poured in Arizona, featuring all-natural ingredients and essential oils, your lover will get lost in the gorgeous scent of sultry florals and agave. 

Dark chocolate body paint

Our favorite types of gifts are those that involve plenty of play. With the Dark Chocolate Body Paint, you can reserve an evening for edible luxury. Take the delicate paintbrush, and coat your lover with the sweetness of chocolate. Indulge accordingly.

Sensual massage oil

You can never have too much pleasure. This sensual massage oil is a reminder of that. We’ve created this oil as part of our L.U.V. Collection, the Validate Massage Oil encourages you to indulge in a moment of loving touch. This premium blend of natural oils is nourishing, silky-smooth, and helps to ease tension in the body and mind. We can’t think of a much more pleasure-giving gift (unless, of course, you want to try something a little more daring).


We hope our gift guide for her, full of unique and stunning gifts, will make your love feel special, and inspire you in your gift shopping. Let us know if you need any help!

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