Adventurous Date Night Ideas for Couples

Date night is an opportunity to connect with, enjoy, and excite your partner. Whether you’ve been in a relationship for years or you’re new to one another, you can still get creative with your romantic date ideas. From our experience, date night is about how you frame it, and less about what you do - but it’s harder to be adventurous if you’re just sat on the couch at home for another night of Netflix binging. 

So, we’ve come up with a variety of adventurous and romantic date night ideas for couples to enjoy one another with a bit of a twist. Instead of the usual dinner out followed by hopefully a night of love, we’ve switched it up to put the erotic front and center of your date night.

Aphrodisiac tasting menu

Ah, aphrodisiacs - the art of sensual edibles. Enjoy a culinary adventure with your lover at home by trying out a variety of aphrodisiacs. You can do some research into all of the different aphrodisiacs to find what suits you and your partner best, or if you’d like some inspiration, why not create a similar menu to our suggested one below.

  1. Start with a sensual salad full of rich textures; creamy avocado, sweet mango, heritage tomatoes, sliced basil, arugula, and dress with a balsamic truffle-oil vinaigrette.
  2. Next, enjoy sliced figs with gorgonzola, prosciutto, and sprouted greens drizzled in olive oil and honey.
  3. If you can, fresh oysters follow perfectly: barbecue them for a smoky tang and you can even dress them with a spicy chili oil to excite your palate.
  4. Follow with a rich dish of lamb chop, kabocha squash, cayenne, and fenugreek - this promises to hit all of those umami needs! Satisfy your cravings for sweet-and-spicy with the sweet and slightly nutty kabocha squash and the lamb dressed in fragrant spices.
  5. Enjoy a palate cleanser of cubed watermelon and a balsamic reduction to ready you for your last course.
  6. Finally, finish with a glass of lavender champagne and a selection of indulgent French chocolates, like these from the romantic collection of French Chocolatier, Z Chocolat. Pair your sweet treats with fresh raspberries and strawberries before you take the night elsewhere.

Tip: For an extra adventurous twist, take turns blindfolding and feeding each other for an even richer aphrodisiac experience. 

We’d recommend matching your aphrodisiac date night with this dreamy chiffon blue robe and this pearl g-string for extra sensual foreplay to your dinner.

Adventurous date night ideas for couples


Put on a show

Another date night idea that you can do at home: host your own striptease! Now, this might sound intimidating, especially if you’ve never done anything like this before. The idea of feeling like you’re on show in front of your partner might be a little nightmarish - but this is what adventurous date nights are all about, getting outside of your comfort zone.

Putting on a show for your partner is a wonderful way to embrace your sexy side and feel empowered. You’ll need a plan going into it so you aren’t left feeling a little too bare. Consider lighting and setup, find a playlist that makes you feel super sexy and powerful, and practice taking up space in the room. Stripping is an art, putting space between you and your audience (or lover!). Know that your partner isn’t going to judge you, they love you and they’ll be in awe - if not a little surprised too, so try to shake off any feelings of awkwardness.

Most importantly of all: wear what makes you feel sexy.

We’d suggest entering with a revealing sheer robe, and a stunning matching set like this bondage-inspired lingerie set beneath to reveal. Spritz yourself with something daring, like The One Pour Femme from Dolce & Gabbana - shop at Sobelia. Ultimately, it’s all about what erotic lingerie excites you. You can also accompany your outfit with some kinky props from Fräulein Kink.

“Meet” at a hotel

For anyone who has fantasies of forbidden loves and unexpected romances, the meet at a hotel bar fantasy is the perfect way into an adventurous night of role play. Make sure to keep things free-flowing, but plan out some details in advance: get dressed separately, take on your new persona for the night, and arrive at different times. The element of the unknown is what makes this fantasy exciting.

One of you can arrive at the bar first, order a drink, maybe even check into your room and get ready there. Once the other arrives, act like you’re just meeting for the first time. You can flirt with each other, building sexual tension. To anyone around you, they should be wowed by this sexy meet!

Make sure you’ve got the night in the hotel booked and no plans the next morning, so that you can let things play out naturally without time constraints.

As part of your new sexy persona, why not try lingerie that suits your character. Enter in a sexy classic black dress or black chiffon jumpsuit, or stun in a dreamy blue gown. Is she into sexy bondage and kinks? In that case, perhaps she’s best suited to this bondage garter belt. A more sensual, otherworldly character? She’s suited to erotic lingerie like this bra made with poetry and embroidery. 


Romantic one-night getaway 

Instead of role play, this date night idea is perfect for surprising your partner. Pick somewhere romantic, like a beautiful hotel, a log cabin escape, or a self-catering Airbnb in a location perfect for a quick night away. Elevate your date night with this idea - and ideally, keep things under wraps until the last minute. Tell your partner you’ve got a date night scheduled and for them to keep their morning clear, then whisk them away for a romantic night.

Take props to give it a romantic boost - candles, massage oil, hot stones, sex toys and of course, a gorgeous lingerie look. We also have stunning romantic dresses like this sunset dress or silk wrap dress.

For a romantic lingerie set, try this bra and panty with matching scalloped garter belt.

If you want to embrace your sexy and bold side, try this bondage-inspired lingerie set.

Seeking something sensual? This lace bondage lingerie set is a dream, or embrace a gentle side with the sunlight corset.

Evening hot air balloon ride

Now this is adventurous, and very romantic. A hot air balloon ride is on a lot of bucket list ideas for couples, but have you ever thought of a romantic ride at sunset? This tranquil ride is the perfect way to slow down, reconnect, and enjoy some incredible sights and breathtaking heights. 

Float through the sky with a glass of champagne in hand.

After your daring adventure and you’ve watched the sunset, head back to your bedroom to reveal an equally dreamy and daring set, like this plunge bra and matching thong.

We hope you found something here to help spice up your next date. Find more luxury lingerie to inspire you on our website, or peruse our date night lingerie collection here.

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