4 Ways to Organize Your Lingerie

The delicate nature of lingerie lends itself to the need for special lingerie storage. All of your pretty lace bras, sheer panties, and silk robes require their own little nooks within your wardrobe. Having a separate space for your intimates adds to the excitement when you’re ready to slip on beautiful lingerie for the evening. Imagine yourself going to your designated lingerie chest, and pulling out your most loved lingerie set… a feeling of sensuality surging through your body. Or maybe you’ve been waiting all week to find time to open your favorite bottle of wine and slip on your silk robe with lace trim. You know exactly where it’s hanging in your vintage-inspired armoire. Beyond that beautiful feeling is the practicality of separate lingerie storage - your luxury lingerie will last longer by not brushing up against rough fabrics and zippers on your other clothes. These are our recommendations for how to organize your lingerie.

lingerie storage

1. Lingerie Chest
A lingerie chest is generally a narrow chest of drawers, some with beautiful velvet lining. This is a small enough piece of furniture, that it can be added to nearly any bedroom or walk-in closet without too much reconfiguration to your space. We love this option for creating the romantic idea that it acts as a secret gateway to sensuality. Open the drawers to discover the Garden of Eden. This is perfect for storing underwear, bras, garter belts, bodysuits, hosiery, and all of your smaller items. You may also be able to store your silk pajamas that don’t have too much material to them (like camis and shorts). Remember not to fold your underwire bras, as this can make them lose their form and it puts strain on the fabric that covers the wire, which can eventually lead to the wire poking through. Try this leather lingerie chest or go for a more classic design.

Lingerie chest

2. Armoire
Remember that favorite bottle of wine and silk robe? That’s where the armoire comes in. Grand and gorgeous, adding an armoire to your room requires dedication to the beautiful world of luxury loungewear. This is where you’ll store all of your robes, nightgowns, babydolls, long sleeve pajamas with pants, and so on. Pulling on the two handles at the same time to reveal a glorious collection of your treasured items makes the armoire a perfect storage solution for lingerie and nightwear. Be sure to space out your hanging items more than you would in your closet, so that there’s plenty of room for your silk to breathe. Use satin padded hangers to add to the romance.



3. Open Closet
Similar to the armoire in the sense that this is where you’ll keep your treasured nightwear, but the open design allows you to have all of your beautiful silks and feathers on display. An open closet serves as additional decor for your bedroom and becomes a daily reminder for self-love. This is a very popular option if you prefer not to add a large piece of furniture to your current layout. Also perfect for displaying your fluffy heels. Try our editor's selection on Amazon.

4. Drawer Organizers
The simplest (yet, less exciting) option is to add organizers to your current chest of drawers. This allows you to fold your underwear and keep delicate fabrics away from ones that might cause them to snag. Although it doesn’t have the dreamy, sensual appeal of a special lingerie chest or armoire, drawer organizers don’t require any additional furniture in your home. Don’t forget that you should not fold your underwire bras, if you select this option. There are a variety of organizers that are great for bras.

bra organizerA few final thoughts: keep your beaded lingerie away from your silks! Latex lingerie needs to have its own drawer. And have fun with this! The beauty of lingerie is that it’s fun to buy, wear, and store. Which of our three options is most appealing to you?

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