The Big Reveal

You have a secret. You’ve been running your fingers down the delicate lines of lingerie wondering what your lucky lover’s reaction will be. How will you reveal it without whispering a thing? You tried the secret on in your bedroom the minute you grabbed the Anya Lust box from the front door. You may have even hinted at your clandestine confession. But, how exactly do you create the perfect moment to reveal your gorgeous surprise? Well, that all depends on the reaction that you’re looking for.

REACTION: Yearning and Excitement 
AGENDA: You’ll want to hint at it while he is not near you, whether at work or perhaps on his way home (or even all throughout the day until he gets home). This is the best way to tease and make the powerful Anya Lust feeling last all day. Try sending him close-up pictures of your favorite details, sneaking off at work for a selfie of your work attire but showing off just a peak of what’s underneath, or texting him sultry descriptions of your hidden attire.
​WHAT TO WEAR:​ We’ve tried the Ella Bodysuit under a silk man-tailored shirt at work but if you think you’d be uncomfortable all day in a bodysuit, the straps of the Elektra Mesh Bra will surely heat up his phone.

 REACTION: Pure Desire for Sensuality
AGENDA: You have to be poised and posed here, my loves, waiting patiently as you plan for him to walk in the room. You can take the classic bed-side sprawl or standing half-hidden behind a table or bed post. Advanced learners should try heels and a chair but only paired with the confident eyes of a sprinter at the starting line.
WHAT TO WEAR:​ It’s all about the bodysuit. The slow untying in the middle of the Dream Girl Bodysuit works wonders. And if you’re in the penthouse suite, the Claire is the classiest way to wear garter and lace.

REACTION: Uncontrollable Lust
AGENDA: Slip one of our goodies in his pocket while you are out in public and let him fumble his way through polite conversations at the dinner table with your guests. Better yet: find his jacket hanging up wherever you are and hide it in his pocket for him to find later. Don’t be too far from him when he does.
WHAT TO WEAR:​ You have to use the Nolita Handcuff Panty for this. His fingers will pull out cuff, upon strand, upon strap until he realizes exactly what he just unraveled. Perfect way to work up his appetite for dessert.

REACTION: Gratitude and Awe
AGENDA: Perhaps you don’t have to outline the plot for him to get the picture. Enjoy yourself as you let him watch you be comfortable in your own skin doing whatever it is that pleases you. Let him appreciate the beauty of you from afar, or up close if he dares to approach.
WHAT TO WEAR:​ The thin line between up-front sultry and confident femininity is the Isabelle Flora Slip. It may seem like something you’re doing for yourself, but the corset back tie-up promises that if he no longer just wants to watch from a distance, he will have his hands full.

REACTION: None Needed
AGENDA: Revel in your own amazingness and just lounge in the late afternoon sun, like the goddess that you are.
WHAT TO WEAR: Saturday nights are for lust, but Sunday mornings are for love. Love yourself in the Keira Lace Trim Panty with your (or his) favorite T-shirt while you sip a cappuccino. If you’ve perfected Sunday mornings (and the confident, feminine relaxation of a Queen Sheba) the ethereal Keira Lace Kimono will be all you ever want to wear indoors.


Contributor: Caitlin Connors

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