Date night ideas for a romantic Valentine's Day you won't forget

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, this gorgeous, romantic opportunity to show your love for your other half through a romantic date night. It can be hard to come up with the right thing to do for your romantic date, and how to make it more special than any other date night. If you’ve been together a while, it can be hard to top previous romantic dates. Ultimately, the way you approach Valentine’s Day is up to you and your partner, and the thought you put into it is far more important than the outcome. Plan your Valentine’s Day from the heart, putting your partner first. We’re here to help you create a memorable and romantic experience.

Date night ideas for couples this Valentine’s Day

We’ve pulled together a selection of romantic Valentine’s Day ideas for couples to inspire and excite you as you plan for a romantic evening together. The time you spend with your partner is more important than the gifts you give them. All that matters is the love, time, and effort you put into this day. Your partner will appreciate that more than anything - after all, all they want is you.

1. Recreate your first date

Nothing is more romantic than a personalized and thoughtful approach to a romantic date night. And there’s no better opportunity than Valentine’s Day to create an unforgettable date night. We suggest recreating your first date, whether that’s taking your partner out for a movie, the first restaurant you ever went to, or perhaps your first date was just a walk in the park - whatever your first date was, recreate it.

Recreating your first date together is an opportunity to reignite the spark and excitement of the early days of your relationship. Surprise your partner by taking them back to the spot of your first date and physically prepare. Perhaps recreate your first-date outfit, bring with you flowers or a gift, and actively think about how you’d like to make them feel special and connect on this date.

For glamorous date night dresses and other looks, we’ve got a gorgeous selection of evening wear and date night lingerie to wear for a daring reveal after.

2. Surprise romantic getaway

If you know your love has been dreaming of an escape, planning a romantic getaway is a wonderful way to show your partner how much you love them. Tell your partner to clear their schedule for a romantic weekend, then at the last minute surprise them with your getaway gift. Even better if you tell them to get dressed up for an evening on the town, then whisk them away to a hotel, candle-lit dinner booked, and bags already packed to stay the night.

We’re dreaming of a Valentine’s weekend in New York at The Pierre across the road from Central Park. Fill your weekend with a decadent date night out on the town at a restaurant your other half with love, finished with drinks near the hotel and finally, room service to end the night. Preferably, pack a surprise new lingerie piece to reveal to your love once your date night draws to a close back in your hotel room.

3. Romantic spa date night

This date night idea is perfect for taking your love out to a gorgeous spa evening, with a booked massage and afterwards a delicious dinner to finish off the night. It’s also perfect if you’d like to have a romantic spa date night at home. 

If an at home date night is more your style and suitable for you both, you can create a luxurious evening with massage oil, set the mood with candles, and enjoy a glorious bubble bath. There’s nothing more romantic than giving your partner a soothing massage, easing their mind and their muscles. Make sure to have some bubbly and strawberries dipped in chocolate on hand.


4. Museum or art gallery date

Have you ever been to a museum or art gallery after hours? Many of these places host evening exhibitions and events to enjoy in the romantic gallery lights, allowing you to explore art, culture, and history with your love. Seek out an after-hours themed night that fits you and your partner’s interests - often there are events complete with cocktails and nibbles or even three course dinners.

Taking your love to such a special event will be a memorable moment in your relationship. A museum or art gallery date is the perfect place to turn up the heat, falling in love all over again as you admire historic art, modern photography, or learn about ancient Egypt. Afterall, perhaps you can dip into roleplay over a glass of wine, imagining your lives in a different time period.

5. Romantic wine tasting

Spend time with your love as you enjoy sips from around the world at a romantic wine tasting. If you and your partner enjoy wine, then this is the date night for you. This Valentine’s why not book an evening for two at a place that walks you through a sensory wine journey. Ideally, look for somewhere with exciting biodynamic wines and accompanying nibbles. Connecting with your partner over a fine wine tasting is a fun and intimate experience to share this Valentine’s Day.

If going out isn’t an option for you both this year, sign yourselves up for an at-home virtual wine tasting where a sommelier will walk you through the selection of wines that you can have delivered to your home. Plus, at home, you have the added bonus of being able to undress one another immediately - why wait, afterall?


Ultimately, this valentine’s, don’t make it just about gifts and glamor - although, we love those things! - put an emphasis on the quality of time you spend with your other half. Put those phones away, and let yourself fall in love once more. Put your full attention on your partner, and sparks will fly. As star of the screen Audrey Hepburn herself said, “The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” So this Valentine’s let romance bloom as you give all your affection to your love. We’ll be wishing you both an unforgettable night.

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