How Do I Wear Sexy Lingerie if I Don't Feel Sexy?

Lingerie is meant for women to look and feel sexy and beautiful. But what if you put on a sheer bodysuit or strappy lingerie, and don’t feel sexy at all? Many women hesitate to buy or wear lingerie because they don’t feel their body is up to par, they aren’t beautiful enough, or they lack sex appeal. This should never be the case, as all women are beautiful in their own unique way. Lingerie isn’t made specifically for picture perfect models; lingerie is meant to be worn by women of all shapes and sizes. If you don’t feel sexy enough to wear lingerie, here are a few things you can do to boost your self-confidence in order to get you into that sexy new teddy:

Get some exercise.

To boost your mood and feel better about your body, try an online fitness class in the morning. As you workout, your body releases endorphins, which trigger a positive feeling in the body. Exercising earlier in the day is a great way to motivate yourself to wear lingerie later in the evening.

Get a massage.

Tension and stress can raise your insecurities and fears. Getting a rejuvenating massage from your partner allows you to relax both your mind and body. You will have a better appreciation for your body while awakening your sensual energy. It'll be much easier to slip on beautiful lingerie afterward

Embrace diversity.

In today's world, women are finally being represented as diverse beauties. Models are no longer just tall and thin - women who are full-figured, plus size, petite, and athletically-built are gracing major magazines, social media, movies, and television. Realizing this will help you embrace your own body and feel proud to put on a seductive lingerie set.

Bubble bath and bubbly.

Get yourself in the mood to put on some gorgeous lingerie by taking a nice warm bubble bath with a glass of your favorite bubbly (champagne or sparkling wine). Pampering and celebrating yourself is a wonderful way to feel good about wearing lingerie.

Sexy heels help.

A good pair of heels can do wonders for your confidence and appearance. High heels can help elongate your legs, and encourage you to walk with your shoulders back and your head high. Make sure your heels match beautifully with your lingerie, and are comfortable enough to walk in effortlessly.

Wear what makes you feel sexy.

Don’t be afraid of wearing lingerie because of your insecurities. Instead, choose lingerie that will enhance your favorite parts so that you can feel sexy without having to think about the parts of your body that you don't like. If you like your breasts, then wear low-cut lingerie, and if you like your tush then wear a strappy thong set. You can also layer with a stunning sheer robe, so you have a sense of coverage while still looking like a sexy seductress. The most important thing to remember when wearing lingerie is that sexy is a state of mind. When you believe you are beautiful and sexy, you will radiate it and instantly appear more attractive. Confidence is key.

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