3 Tips on How to Feel Confident in Lingerie

As women, we sometimes tend to be hard on ourselves, but it isn’t solely our doing. Between the picture perfect models in the fashion magazines, fully made up celebrities on television, and enhancements through surgery, photoshop, or filters, it is no wonder why many women feel a little hesitant at just the thought of wearing sexy lingerie. This should not be the case, because all women are beautiful, no matter their ethnic background, skin color, body shape, size, or physical features. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and it is your uniqueness that differentiates you from everyone else.

Embrace it.

Many women have the misconception that lingerie is only reserved for the younger, super fit women. That's so far from the truth. Lingerie is made for all women to experience the sensuality, seductiveness, and feminine power that lingerie brings.

Here are our 3 tips on how to feel confident in lingerie:

Buy a lingerie set that you find beautiful in your size

Shopping and wearing lingerie is not just for your spouse⁠—it is also for yourself. Don’t just buy a lingerie set because you think that’s what your partner will like. Choose a lingerie set that you love and find beautiful. You should choose lingerie that you will look forward to wearing because you'll feel your most beautiful in it. It is also important to get it in your size, that way it fits properly and you will have no issues during wear. Invest in luxury lingerie rather than low quality lingerie, which tends not to last. There is nothing better than feeling fine satin or tulle against the skin. It heightens the senses and puts you into a different mood. Plus, investment pieces like robes and kimonos will last for years and become your go-to stress reliever. Lingerie is similar to a beautiful dress or heelswhen you like what you are wearing, you will exude confidence.

Match your lingerie with a sexy robe

If you are a little shy or a bit on the demure side, you can wear a beautiful robe to match your sexy lingerie underneath. Layering your lingerie with a robe will give you some coverage while still looking irresistible to your partner. The key to wearing a robe with your lingerie is choosing a lightweight, semi-sheer robe that is sensual in style, not a thick bath robe. You will be able to enter the room feeling confident while looking like a goddess.

Dim the lights and light some candles

By dimming the lights in your bedroom, you are not only setting the mood, but you will also feel less in the spotlight, allowing you to feel more confident in lingerie. Lighting some scented luxury candles in your bedroom will create a romantic environment as the light of the candles flickers on your bodies. You can turn off your bedroom lights completely and keep a couple candles lit, creating an alluring ambiance. Remember to choose clean burning candles in an alluring scent to add to the intoxicating mood.

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