Size Does Matter

By Luis Paredes, The Lingerie Journal

Gentlemen, repeat after me: “size does matter.”

Your partner’s size, that is.

The gift of lingerie is one of the most intimate and special gifts you can give, and there are so many ways to fumble it. Topping the list is purchasing intimates in the wrong size. Luckily, there are several ways to get this right. In this post, I’m going to share a few tips to help you find all the sizing you need, from bras to boyshorts. 

Plan Ahead

First things first, think about the kind of lingerie you want to purchase for your loved one. There’s a whole universe of lingerie styles. Are you picturing a corset or a bra and panty set? Bodysuit or babydoll? Always consider your partner’s personal style. If they are more on the conservative side, crotchless panties and a leather collar may not go over too well. 

The Big Ask

The first tip is the most obvious and, admittedly, the most nerve-wracking — just ask.

The one person who knows their sizing most intimately is your partner. Now, don’t spring this question first thing in the morning. Try setting up a romantic date night and work the question in as the evening plays out.

In this conversation, don’t be afraid to get specific. Ask about bra sizing, knicker sizing, and even height. Believe it or not, some lingerie styles like bodysuits require you to have some idea of how tall the person you're shopping for is. 

Intelligence Gathering

If you’re not comfortable asking, you’ll want to take the next step and take a peek at your partner's lingerie wardrobe. Bonus tip: get permission first if it's a new relationship.

Take a note of sizing on all of the garments and the brands. If you’re shopping for bras, make sure you take down accurate notes about the bra’s brand and sizing. You’ll quickly learn that sizing varies from brand to brand.

Forgiving Styles

If, for whatever reason, your partner's sizing is unavailable, certain lingerie styles like robes, kimonos, and babydolls come in small, medium, large, and even flexible sizes, increasing your odds of getting it right. These are great fall back options if you can't find sizing. 

Visual Cues

Sometimes having an image makes a difference. At this moment, I’m looking at the Harlow & Fox Andromeda Kimono. In the product description, there’s a great note indicating the model is wearing a size small.

How is this helping me out you may ask? Well, as I shop this style, I’m picturing my loved one in my mind's eye - her body shape, height - and realizing that the model pictured on the site closely matches my wife’s features. Size small it is!

Take advantage of visual clues like this when shopping online.

Putting it Together

Never rely on memory. Write everything down and take advantage of your smartphone by taking photos and adding notes. Whatever you do, don’t delete the information. Shopping for lingerie isn’t limited to special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day. Keep the info handy and treat your partner consistently. 

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