Self-Love Tips for Valentine's Day

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Wether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a special person, your friends, or solo, it's always important to remind yourself that you are loved. Take time to relax and indulge in self-care with these tips:


1. Create the romance for yourself

Part of the excitement for Valentine's Day is wondering if you'll be receiving flowers and chocolate or sexy lingerie and a bath full of rose petals. Why not create that romance for yourself and not have to wonder? Start by imagining your dream surprise. Then gather all of the materials needed - choose your favorite roses in your local flower shop, pick out the luxury lingerie that makes you feel good, set the temperature for the bath exactly how you like it, and whatever else you desire.


2. Table for one at your favorite restaurant

You don't need anyone else to accompany you to your favorite restaurant. Get a table or sit at the bar and soak in the sounds and aromas that you don't normally get to enjoy when the focus is on conversation with someone else. Enjoy every bite of your favorite dishes, watch the candle flames dance.


3. Indulge at the spa

You know that one treatment that you've been eyeing for the longest time, but have never gotten? Now is the time. Treat yourself to a day at the spa that brings your level of wellness to new heights. And don't just go in for the treatment and a little extra time in the sauna - spend as many hours there as your schedule allows. You can also create the spa day for yourself at home, using special wellness products that aren't a part of your daily routine.

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