Lingerie for Your Zodiac Sign

A magical curation by Sarah Burns

 We partnered with Sarah Burns, Astrologer and Co-Founder of Amrita Shani, to create a curated lingerie collection for your zodiac sign. These are her findings...


*Disclaimer* Although we all have a Sun sign, our Venus and Mars sign are more important when dealing with lingerie. However, feel free to choose whatever beautiful items speak to you and go with the archetype that resonates most, even if it isn’t your Sun sign.


Aries is a fire sign that is ruled by Mars, which is the God of War. This collection was curated to be dominating, hot, fiery, and assertive. Aries is also the place where the Sun is exalted so there’s an “I’m in charge” attitude to these selections.

Lingerie for Aries | Zodiac Sign Lingerie
From left to right: Eugenia Open Playsuit, Eugenia Thong, Coco Bondage Bodysuit, Juliette Lace Bondage Lingerie Set


Taurus is an Earth sign that is ruled by Venus, which is the Goddess of Love. There’s a deep romanticism to all of these selections. Venus loves all things that are soft, supple, and delicate. Taurus is also where the Moon Goddess is exalted, so this is the most feminine of all the collections.

Lingerie for Taurus
From left to right: Marilyn Boudoir Mule Champagne, Diana Pom Pom Thong Boudoir Rose, Morganne Chiffon Babydoll, Havana Lingerie Set, Goddess of Poetry Nightdress, Grand Sheer Robe



Gemini is an air sign that is ruled by Mercury, which is the planet of communication. This collection has a movability and breathability to it, as all Mercurial things are constantly on the go. There’s also a level of complexity to some of the pieces because Mercury rules data and information gathering.

Gemini Lingerie
From left to right: Dido Latex Corset Dress, Noir Cut-Out Bodysuit, Quinn Lace Bodysuit, Whisper Wrestle Me Bodysuit, Gamma Gem Latex Bra


Cancer is a water sign that is ruled by the Moon, which is the celestial body associated with our emotions. There’s a deep nostalgia to some of the pieces, as well as an air of femininity. This is one of the more feminine curations along with the Taurus selection.

Cancer Sign Lingerie
From left to right: Goddess of Beauty Sheer Nightdress, Paola Lace Negligee, Malva Black Lingerie Set, Lena Babydoll Set, Desert Rose Embroidered Bra


Virgo is an Earth sign ruled by Mercury. There is an innocence and simplicity to Virgo that not many of the other signs contain. Being a Mercury-ruled sign, there is also an intellectual attitude associated with this sign. But don’t let Virgo fool you, as it also has a dark side and can be one of the most kinky in the Zodiac!

Virgo Lingerie

From left to right: Chantal Lace Bridal Lingerie Set, Kai Lace Lingerie Set, Melania Lace Bodysuit, Dita Leatherette Bodysuit, Paola Camisole Set, Bloom Lace Maxi Dress



Leo is a fire sign that is ruled by the Sun. This is the collection for the attention lover and the self-assured performer. The Sun rules our ego and has luxurious taste. Many of these selections are some of the most regal pieces from Anya Lust.

Leo Lingerie
From left to right: Serafina Sheer Kimono, Thara Gold Longline Garter Belt, Serafina Triangle Bra, Allegra Sheer Gold Bodysuit, Cleo Silk Kimono



Libra is an air sign ruled by Venus. This sign, however, is very assertive compared to the other Venus-ruled sign. Saturn, the planet of structure, has its exaltation in Libra, and so although aesthetics are important, being structurally intricate is also a Libran plus. For this reason, I chose some of the more intricate pieces.

Libra Lingerie
From left to right: Paris Pearl Lace Bodysuit, Maia Ivory Latex Bra, Aiko Body Harness, Rosa Garters Black, Barbara Bondage Lingerie Set 


Scorpio is a water sign ruled by Mars, the planet of war. This sign is much darker than fiery Aires and is associated with the underworld. There is a dark sensuality and also a dominating energy to all things Scorpionic. Handle with care!

Scorpio Lingerie
From left to right: Jet Black High-Waisted Garter Panty, London Cut-Out Pearl Panty, Goddess of Magic Kimono, Laura Bondage Lingerie Set, Veronica Bondage Bodysuit, Antoinette Bodysuit



Sagittarius is our first Jupiter-ruled sign. There’s a decidedly expansive taste to Sagittarius, as they like to explore parts unknown. For this reason, the pieces that were chosen are the most worldly of all.

Sagittarius Lingerie
From left to right: Isabella Sheer Lace Robe, Oracle Fringe Bodysuit, Minerva Halter Neck Dress, Aurora Lace Capelet, Whisper Sweet Nothings Coucou Bodysuit



Capricorn is our first Saturn-ruled sign and is also where Mars is exalted. This is a straight-to-business kind of woman. There is a warrior energy to Capricorn that can’t be conquered and is ready at a moment's notice. For this reason the timeless staples and classic pieces were chosen.

Capricorn Lingerie
From left to right: Hymn Ouvert Panty, Xena Bodysuit, Xena Garter Belt, Freda Sheer Kimono, Juliette Black Lace Lingerie Set, London Pearl Panty


Aquarius is our second Saturn-ruled sign. This is the eccentric and out of the box thinker. The pieces chosen reflect that, and are all unique and different in their own way. These are the pieces for the rebel without a cause and for the woman that wants to stand out.

Aquarius Lingerie
From left to right: Delta Latex Mini Dress, Nyx Bottomless Latex Panty, Elizabeth Side Tie Panty, Skylar Bodysuit with Garter Belt 



Pisces is the final of the signs. It is a water sign ruled by Jupiter. There is a mermaid quality to Pisces, and it is the most giving and softest of the signs. There’s something ethereal or otherworldly about Pisces. Venus is in its exaltation in this sign, so we find some of the most angelic pieces here. 

Pisces Lingerie
From left to right: Poetica Thong, Ianthe Sheer Lace Bodysuit, Lourdes Babydoll Set, Pilar Lace Boyshort, Gold Lace Garter Belt



About Sarah Burns & Amrita Shani 

Amrita Shani by Sarah BurnsSarah Burns is an Astrologer and Co-Founder of Amrita Shani. Amrita Shani’s mission is to empower people to heal themselves through Svādhyāya (self-study) and inquiry. They use tools and remedies created to balance lifestyle and catalyze vibrant health. Based on ancient science and knowledge passed down through the lineage of Ayurveda, Astrology, and Kundalini, it all goes back to the source. The intention is to guide people to their inner light and to help people understand the elements that are within and around them and build an at-home practice to grow a stronger relationship with oneself and others. They welcome all to come as they are and encourage growth and self-realization. Like and follow @amrita_shani on Instagram.

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Beautiful and lyrical descriptions with a lot of insight. Profound and practical thing to keep in mind to help buying for one’s self r a partner.

Richard Church March 11, 2020

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