6 Relaxing Date Ideas For An Easy Weekend

As much fun as a night on the town can be, sometimes it’s nice to experience a few relaxing date ideas to give your relationship variety. Other than staying at home and watching a movie, it can be a challenge to come up with relaxing date ideas. Here’s a look at 6 Relaxing Date Ideas to explore with your partner:


Wandering around outdoor markets in the morning can be a lot of fun, and it can even lead to a second part of the date, like picking out some unusual ingredients for a homemade dinner. Talking to your partner while strolling around can stimulate new talking points and encourage playful banter. It’s the perfect casual date to occupy a laidback afternoon.


Setting up a beautiful picnic is one of our favorite relaxing date ideas. If you want to take the work away from getting the food together, then stop by a boutique grocery store for unique picnic items that are already prepared. You can lay out a blanket in your garden or a local park and spend the day indulging in delicious food. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, add a short hike to a scenic hill for romantic, breathtaking views. Watch this date idea on our YouTube channel: Garden Picnic.


We’re all fully aware of the magic of brunch: Breakfast and lunch. Endless mimosas. No agenda.


Sinking into your chair at a movie theater and cozying up to your partner is a great way to spend the evening. Make sure you can get truffle popcorn and wine served at your seat (what better way to do it?). And you could definitely get away with wearing a gorgeous robe to make it an even more relaxing date.


Explore a mind-body connection with your partner. Slip on beautiful lingerie and robes to watch a stimulating discussion at home. Or head out to attend a lecture while wearing something daring underneath your outfit. Learning something new together always brings excitement. Watch this date idea on our YouTube channel: Satisfy the Sapiosexual


Gather art supplies from your local art store, take your muse’s hand, and set up your easel in the garden. This date idea is beautiful, romantic, and exactly how we dream of spending every weekend. You’ll love being able to express yourself in new ways – the muse in the way she poses, and the painter in the art that he creates. Watch this date idea on our YouTube channel: Painting Date Night


Relaxation and culinary delights go hand in hand, and for this date idea, you don’t even have to leave the house. Prepare some gourmet cheeses and open a bottle of your favorite wine, play some sensual music, and sink into the couch with beautiful loungewear wrapped around you. Add a board game once you’ve had a glass or two.


Visit our YouTube channel for more relaxing date ideas. Try them all over the next few weekends.

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