5 Essentials To Pack For A Romantic Vacation

It’s almost vacation season and the beach is calling after you. A very well deserved romantic escape is just beyond the horizon and all you and your love have left to do is pack your bags. There will be plenty of luxuries at your destination to stimulate your sensual spirit – body rituals, aphrodisiac treats, the sun rising over the ocean. But, there are a few essentials you can take along with you to make your trip even more magical.


Your finest lingerie: While your everyday lingerie ensembles might consist of pretty bras and panties, on vacation you should be a bit more adventurous. A sexy bodysuit or ouvert bra and panty are both perfect for luxury travel. Or for simplicity, you can just add a garter belt and stockings to spice up your usual bra and panty attire. We recommend more than one outfit to truly surprise your lover. And, be sure to do a grand reveal.


Massage oil: This is not in lieu of a day at the spa, mind you. There’s no substitute for a couple’s massage in a setting as heavenly as what a luxury resort provides. But, pack your own oils to explore one another’s bodies in your room. Try exotic scents and take your time.


An erotic accessory: There’s something about being away with your lover that makes intimacy even more exciting. Adding in a pair of handcuffs or a paddle will allow you to explore that excitement further, and accessories make things like roleplaying easier to get lost in.


A book or game: Choose an activity that you both will enjoy. If you’re both readers, pick up a book of romantic poetry and take turns reading aloud. If you two are a little more playful, try an erotic card game.


Flameless candles: Most hotels don’t allow candles, but there are beautiful flameless candles that flicker the way real ones do. Some hotels do allow tea lights, though, so you can call ahead to see which one to pack. These are ideal for creating a dreamy and romantic setting.

And don’t forget to play The Lust List while you’re there.

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