Latex is a natural fabric and needs a little extra love and attention to make sure each garment will last in good condition. For those who are new to latex follow these instructions for latex care:


  • Apply talcum powder or a water based lubricant inside all latex items that are tricky to get on before wearing them. This will help to make the dressing process a lot quicker and will avoid any damage to the garment. Avoid applying talcum powder to latex lace as it dulls the natural shine.
  • Hand wash all latex garments after use in luke warm soapy water, rinse, and hang to dry indoors – turning it inside and out to make sure the garment is completely dry.
  • Keep latex garments out of direct sunlight, making sure to dry them after washing indoors.
  • When storing your garments, apply talcum powder inside the garment to get rid of any moisture. This also acts as a dry clean.
  • Store your garments in a dark place, preferably hanging them up, as any folding will cause creases in the fabric. It is also recommended to cover the garment to avoid any damage from surrounding objects.
  • Take extra care when polishing/washing any printed latex. Any vigorous rubbing on the fabric can cause the print to ‘wear’.


  • Do not store light colored latex with darker colors, this can cause staining in the lighter latex.
  • Oils from moisturizers and fake tan can permanently stain/damage latex, so keep it away from greasy fingers!
  • Metals/Copper will stain lighter colored latex badly. Take extra care when wearing jewelry.
  • Avoid coming into contact with any sharp objects as this could rip the material.
  • When putting on the garments watch out for long finger nails as they could pierce the fabric.
  • Do not let your latex come into direct heat with appliances such as hairdryers, and especially irons!

The washing process:

To wash your garments add a spoon of gentle laundry detergent into a sink/bath/bowl of luke warm water. Clean by hand washing the garment inside and out, and then rinse away any remaining soap suds. You can then dry the garment with a towel or leave it to hang dry indoors but away from sunlight, making sure that you turn it inside and out to get rid of any leftover moisture. Latex as a material normally takes up to 24 hours to dry. When storing your garment away, make sure to apply talcum powder to the inside of the garment to get rid of any moisture and to prepare the garment for its next use.

Although we love the natural shine of latex there are other products available on the market to increase the shine of the fabric. If you wish to use those, Elissa Poppy recommends the brand Pjur, which is available to buy online.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions. We cannot be held responsible for problems arising due to items of clothing being poorly maintained, stored or worn.


Courtesy of Elissa Poppy, latex lingerie designer