How to Set up a Romantic Bath

After a long day, soaking in the warmth of a romantic bath can be just what your body needs. Follow our simple step-by-step guide to setting up the perfect bath, complete with all of the beautiful, romantic touches:

1. First, get the bath water running and set it to the perfect temperature for relaxation. If you're setting this up for someone else, it's best to know what temperature they prefer.

2. While the water is running, take the petals from a dozen roses and sprinkle about half of them onto the floor. Place a few tea lights on the floor, as well (but, wait until the end to light them).

3. Once the bath reaches a good level, turn the water off and sprinkle the rest of your rose petals in the bath.

4. Set up a scented candle, your favorite wine in a stemless glass, and a good book on your bath tray. Light the candles on the floor and tray.

5. If this bath is for you, drop a bath bomb in and slip into the tub. If you're running this bath for someone else, call them into the bathroom first before dropping the bomb, so that they see the gorgeous bubbling effect of the bomb.

6. Immerse yourself for at least 20 minutes and imagine yourself in Anya Lust Land.

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Ernest Hemingway