Date Night Idea: Solo Soirée {for her}

For the lingerie lovers out there, we don’t have to tell you that there’s an art to this whole thing. But, we sometimes hear, “I love lingerie and all, but it only stays on for 30 seconds.” Our response to that: you just haven’t learned how to enjoy it. We can be of assistance. Offering you a little nudge in the romance direction, we’ll provide you with ways to turn those 30 seconds into an entire evening of bliss. Just ideas, though. It’s up to you to make the magic happen.


Solo Soirée

Mood: In-tune with yourself

Scene: Candles and music that make you feel super sultry.

Lingerie: Floor-sweeping, goddess material. The Margaux Sheer Robe, Victoria Full-Length Robe, or the Maison Minx Robe are the most suitable options.

Activity: Whatever you'd like. This is the time to explore your sensuality in different ways. Feel how your body moves to the music, taste every bit of your chocolate truffles with all of your senses, and admire yourself as much as possible in your gorgeous robe.

Delights: Dark chocolate truffles and pinot noir (plus your fave “I deserve this” food).

Note: Sometimes you need to date yourself. Ask your lover to give you time alone for the night. He's welcome to join you later on after you've enjoyed your evening of self-love. But give yourself at least a few hours before then.

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Ernest Hemingway