Date Inspiration: Rainy Day Date Ideas

Rainy days can be the perfect backdrop to a romantic day or night. If you and your partner are stuck at home for the day thinking of inspiration for rain day date ideas, Anya Lust has come to your rescue. Although sitting at home with your lover, watching a movie can be relaxing bliss at times, thinking of some new rainy day date ideas can mix things up and make your relationship much more exciting. Here’s a look at Anya Lust’s date inspiration for a rainy date at home.

Wine and Art

An alternative to the ever popular paint night events and to our painting date idea in your garden, create an art studio in your living room for a night of intimacy. Open a bottle of wine, and set up your canvas and muse. Sketching, painting and most other forms of art are known to be relaxing hobbies to practice and drawing each other is a beautiful way of seeing the details that stand out most to your partner. Adding a bottle of wine to the occasion is bound to create some laughs and flirtatious conversation.

A Competition in Cooking

There are a few ways you can embrace this idea - either take turns cooking, or you can both create different dishes at the same time. Cooking with your partner is a rainy date idea that inspires new conversation and adds a little challenge for you both to compete in, and placing a playful bet with high stakes could make it even more exciting.

Indoor Picnic

A perfect idea for those with a fireplace or some floor space by a window, throwing down a blanket and indulging in all of your favorite foods and drinks is one of our favorite rainy day date ideas. It’s the kind of date that doesn’t require a lot of thought, but your partner will appreciate that extra effort you’ve put in to make their rainy day a lot better. You could even make your indoor picnic a little more exciting by wearing lacy lingerie or silk nightwear, just make sure you enjoy your picnic before you take it off.

Scavenger Hunt

Being sneaky with this idea is key to making it exciting for both you and your partner. Setting up some clues around your home that leading to a little prize will create a rainy date you’ll both love. You just need to decide what the end goal is, whether you’re the prize or you have something else in store for your partner. You could even leave a trail of clothes lying around the house and see if your partner follows it until they find you lying in bed with some candles around the room to set the mood.

A Walk in the Rain

It might not be at the top of everyone’s rainy day date ideas, but there’s something about wandering around in the rain that will give you both more intimacy. Whether you take a little umbrella or you're willing to get your hair wet, it’s an enjoyable date that will spark new conversations, and you can always have a shower together afterwards to warm up. Just stay close to home.


These rainy day date ideas are all for your inspiration. Hopefully, they will make your next day at home a whole lot better. It just takes a couple of new ideas to make your partner appreciate you on a new level, and you never know, your partner might start returning the affection with their own exciting date ideas.

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