5 Sexy Movies to Watch on Netflix this Weekend

If you want to spend some quality time with your significant other without having to leave the house (which none of us can do at the moment, anyway), then do what many other couples do – cuddle up on the couch, and watch romantic movies with your partner. Just make sure you have a Netflix account, aphrodisiac snacks, gorgeous drinks, and a few sexy candles to set the mood. Here are 5 sexy movies available on Netflix that should be on your movie watch list: 

1. Amar

Young Laura and Carlos experience the intensity and fragility of first love, as life realities gradually tarnish their idealized notions of romance.Amar Movie 

2. Newness

Martin and Gabi try to form a relationship after meeting through a hookup app, but when boredom creeps in, they seek out an unconventional solution.Newness | Sexy Movie 

3. Porto

In a coastal Portuguese city, an erotic encounter ensues between an American expat and a French student, resonating through their lives years later.Porto Movie


4. Below Her Mouth

An engaged fashion editor begins a torrid affair with a female roofer that threatens to turn both of their lives upside down.Below Her Mouth Movie


5. Indiscretion

After a weekend fling with artist Victor, Veronica, a psychiatrist and politician's wife, becomes the target of Victor's dangerous romantic obsession.Indiscretion Movie

These movies are not only entertaining and suspense-filled, but super steamy, putting you and your partner at the edge of your seats. The love scenes will ignite your sexual desires, having to press pause between scenes. You might even be inspired to recreate some of the sex scenes in your own bedroom. Since we're all cooped up, have sensual movie night become a part of your regular date night plans. Stock up on other essentials besides movie snacks, such as Stimulating Orgasm Oil, Dark Chocolate Body Paint, and sexy, luxurious lingerie.

After a weekend of Netflix fun, you and your partner will quickly realize that entertainment at home is actually more exciting and gratifying. You’ll have a newfound love for staying in and creating new ways to arouse and pleasure each other.


Images and movie descriptions from Netflix.com

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