How to Celebrate Romance

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Let Love In This February

Move over Valentine’s Day, there’s a new special occasion in town this February - and
we’re not talkin’ Groundhog Day. Alas, we’re speaking of Creative Romance Month! This is a
time to celebrate love with your special someone, because why should it be confined solely to
Valentine’s Day? Of course we all need romance in our daily lives, but Creative Romance
Month is a time to, well, get creative with it. Whether it’s a simple, sweet gesture like a love
letter or an amorous excursion, use this guide to cover your bases.

Skip the Wine and Dine

Dinner and a few drinks before a movie - it’s kind of played out, isn’t it? Skip it this February and let your date night innovation shine. It’s very important to consider your partner’s likes and interests when deciding a romantic escapade. If your partner is a music buff, think about a night on the town catching the local music scene; many cities have some hidden-gem venues and who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite band. If you want to be the star of your own show (and practice a little humility), take to your local karaoke bar and belt out your favorite jam! Music isn’t everyone’s thing however, so be creative in your decision for date night - there are literally tons of options. Something about spontaneity adds to the excitement of the event and will definitely help to break up routine and monotony.

Take It to the Bedroom

What would romance be without getting physical? Making love to your partner is the utmost physical manifestation of affection, but many couples can lose the “spark” that first comes in the early stages of the relationship. Well, no more scheduled sex and boring love - it’s time to get wild! Ladies, consider some luxury lingerie for a tantalizing visual experience for your partner, which will surely set the mood for both parties. Experiment with new spots to get it on, especially outside of the bedroom. If your home is equipped with a washer and dryer, perhaps you could take your partner for a spin cycle, or even to the shower to make things steamy. If there has been a lack of romance due to male issues, including erectile dysfunction, there are some easy fixes. This condition can be caused by both physical and mental conditions, but there are plenty of medications available for purchase to get things up and running. There are many ways to experiment and build that fire back up, and hey, it’s the season to be creative!

Whisk Them Away

A romantic getaway can serve as an excellent way to spend quality bonding time with your sweetie, and give you a nice break from routine. While a trip to a luxury resort on a sandy
beach in French Polynesia would be divine, it isn’t necessarily attainable for many couples. The first thing to consider is your geographic locale, which can point you in the direction to travel. If you’re based in the Northeast, say Boston or New York, consider a getaway to a cute bed-and-breakfast in small-town New England or Upstate New York, where you can enjoy the scenery and charming villages. If you’re out west in SF, Portland or Seattle, think about making a trek to a small cabin in the mountains and soak up the breathtaking natural landscape. Keep it cozy, bring your favorite bottle of wine and slippers, and find love and tranquility within one another; this will bring you tremendous relief and ready you for your return back to the normal grind.


hims creative romance month


We’re human and we all need affection; studies confirm it’s just as important to give as it
is to receive. During Creative Romance Month this February, we can focus on giving our love,
happiness and passion to our partners, and also break out of the monotony that can sometimes stale relationships. Let’s nurture growth, not stifle it! Whenever creativity hits, take it in stride, grab your partner’s hand and see where life takes you.

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